Beach games with party flair

Teamevent Beachparty in einer Strandhalle in Hamburg Beachgames mit Strandparty und Liveband in Hamburg

Whether with colleagues or clients, whether after a meeting or as a Christmas party - the beach activities in this indoor beach club quickly create a good mood and connect the guests in a playful, informal way. Weather-independent, you can enjoy a team event of a special kind on tahiti-white sand in a special decorated beach hall.

You can choose from many activities - we will gladly advise you on how to have the most fun or which one is more sporty.

Whether as an afternoon program at the incentive, as an evening activity after a meeting - in the beach hall you can enjoy really good team activities at any time and with any type of group. Rent a part of the hall or even the entire hall - we will make you suitable suggestions for activities & program flow and ensure that everyone has fun and gets one's money's worth.

If you want it to be less sporty, but you like the atmosphere of the beach hall, we have something for you too: a drum workshop where the employees or customers form themselves into an "all-star band". Again and again, it's amazing how quickly team spirit arises here and motivation is fueled.

Food and beverage is also well taken care of - with varied buffets and beautiful beach bars.

Whether you want to come with a large or small group and want to stay for 3 hours or the whole evening - we will be happy to assemble what suits you best.