With the speed boat in low-flight over Hamburgs river Elbe

Im Tiefflug mit dem Speedboat über die Hamburger Elbe Speed-Boat-Touren auf der Elbe

What a combination. In racing boats, which reach up to 55 miles per hour, the participants roar past the dreamlike backdrop of the Elbe bank and get to know Hamburg - in addition to the absolute adrenaline rush - from one of its best sides.

An absolute speed and a lot of fun are guaranteed.

The tour will be accompanied by a competent boat driver, all participants will receive rental life jackets and protective clothing. Physical health is required.

The program lasts 90 minutes, the pure travel time is 75 minutes.

By the way: We can combine the tour with a BBQ in the beach club or - at a very different pace - a walk through the famous staircase quarter in Blankenese with delicious food with an Elbe view.