The biggest band in the world - rock together

Gemeinsam rocken Gemeinsam rocken

A rocking workshop where the staff performs a specially written song with different instruments and their voices.

How can you motivate employees or executives to perform a rock song together? It usually happens fast - in one afternoon and with the help of a thrilling rock workshop. Initial skepticism - and then everyone gets started, together with the musicians and artists we have hired as coaches. A specially selected song will be played with a variety of instruments and the voices of all employees and musicians together. We compose and write a song for you - a song that expresses and represents your team and your company. This song will be rehearsed and implemented by your co-workers at an afternoon rock workshop. With a variety of instruments and the voices of all employees - experience the unique feeling that arises when many employees rock together and develop a great melody.

We organize the right location for you, all the instruments, the associated teachers and a great experience. And if you feel like having something bigger, then let your employees also design the stage and try out graffiti. In that way, as a joint work, a highly individual backdrop for the performance of the band is created on large walls. Maybe this artwork will later find room in the foyer of your company ...