High ropes course 30 meters above the water

Hochseilgarten auf einem Museumsfrachter im Hamburger Hafen Hochseilgarten im Hamburger Hafen

We love this team event, which could hardly be more Hamburg-like. A program in which cooperation, trust and communication are the most important ingredients, because in all the exercises the participants secure each other - the Michel and the Elbphilharmonie in view.

Among the highlights of the rope garden is the mast crossing - on a thin steel cable participants have to shimmy from one pole to another - up to 18 meters high and therefore almost 30 meters above the water level! A unique experience. And for those group members who prefer solid ground under their feet, we have a lush programm on deck ready.

And in the evening? For dinner and party, you can stay aboard - we'll be happy to organize a maritime evening on the ship, where you can party in the various hatches and galleries on the entire ship (depending on group size). Or you follow one of our suggestions for really good harbor restaurants and continue to enjoy the harbor atmosphere from here. And no matter if DJ or accordion player with Hamburg melodies, the music should fit as well. We are happy to put together the right program for your group.