Geocaching with team against time

The iPads are distributed to the participants and after a brief instruction to the technology and the rules of the game, it starts. Familiar with the relevant technology. You can select the starting point or desired district and the time. Up to 10 people can participate per team, the number of teams is flexible.

Period of the activity: 2-3 hours, as desired.

Now it's about scoring points. At various locations, tasks have to be solved and answered via iPad. Only if the task is completely solved, it goes on. In the integrated chat area, the individual teams can directly post pictures and send texts. If they want it to be extra exciting, the teams can hide themselves and are therefore not visible at their locations for the opposing team.

At the finishing line, bonus points and a restaurant of your choice are waiting. Of course, the award ceremony should not be missed, because it's amazing how the team spirit as well as the spirit of competition is aroused and the teams become more and more ambitious throughout the tour.

As an optional idea, we can supplement your rally with company questions (history, people or departments).

And if you like, you can also do the iPad Challenge per bike - that way the radius is obviously bigger and you can see more of the beautiful city.

Please ask us for the different possibilities.