Stylish location in the warehouse district

A nice, clear location. Modern from the inside, historically from the outside. There is a main room with space for about 100 guests for a seated meal or other occasions and a generous terrace with a view. Whether BBQ buffet on the terrace or an elegant meal in the dining room, the good quality of the food appears everywhere. The kitchen is specialised in fish and BBQs, and a lot of local products are used.

We also like to use the location for smaller meetings. A parliamentary seating is possible for up to 50 people and in theater style the location can accommodate up to 80 people.

A little logistic information: The next subway is located in the Hafencity or the Messberg. Nearby is a parking garage. Buses can drive up comfortably.

For us one of the most beautiful locations in Hamburg, which is partly due to the impressive building, in which the location is located on the ground floor, and on the other hand due to the prime city location in combination with good food.